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After Loss: We Are Our Own Evidence No Comments

If we need validation or proof of our own transformation after loss or other life altering events, we need look no further than ourselves. We can only assess for ourselves the progress we have made on our journeys. The validation from others regarding our progress is important but in reality it is a byproduct…

Grief and the Strengths Perspective No Comments

As I draw nearer to retirement from state service, the memories about the colleagues whose association I have valued and the patients who have crossed my path during the past 27 years have increased in frequency. I have also begun to reflect on the damage that well-meaning human service professionals can do to…

The Questions of Grief: How am I Suppose to Act? No Comments

When it dawned on me that I did not know anything about grief, I began to invite grieving people to join me in a discovery experience. I guess these were some of the first grief groups ever formed. I had never heard of groups and had no idea what we should do, but somehow folks seemed to work through some of their…

The Importance of Transient Angels in our Grief Journeys No Comments

I believe that some people were meant to grace us with their presence for a brief moment in time… never to be heard from again. However, the effect that they had on us in that moment helped us negotiate a moment or series of moments during a difficult transition in our lives. I want to introduce you to the…