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Prepare for Pre-End of life No Comments

There’s much discussion around the end of life topics, but it’s the part before needing end of life strategies that are ignored. They are the ones we discuss in my Facebook group most often and those come with a bag of dilemmas, especially if we don’t have family nearby…

3 Signs of a Great Health Clinic No Comments

It’s often surprising to see how little thought people give about choosing the right healthcare facility or practitioner. People often spend more time shopping for a car than for a doctor. But if you’re an expecting mother, suffering from a chronic illness, or are simply looking for a good family doctor, choosing the right practitioner is essential…

Advice for Caregivers No Comments

Caregiving demands a lot of time and attention, which can be very overwhelming and lead to caregiver burnout or put them in a stressful situation. In order to maintain great health and wellbeing for caregivers, we’ve listed four pieces of advice that can help them on their journeys with caring for patients or loved ones…

The Power of Forgiveness No Comments

Recently I presented a webinar on Forgiveness to a large company, in conjunction with the company’s employee personal and family outreach program. The online format provided a much more personal and insightful interaction on the subject than a physical workshop…

Gone but Never Forgotten – Coping with Bereavement No Comments

One of the hardest times in life is when you’ve lost a loved one that has been a large part of your life for a great number of years. When losing a spouse, a parent, a sibling or even that significant other who has been there through thick and thin, loss is something that you should never need to face alone…

More Tips on How to Choose a Homecare Nurse No Comments

We’ve covered how to get started with choosing a home healthcare service provider in a previous article, along with some questions to ask during the selection process. Finding a good homecare nurse is really important, which is why we’re going to review some more tips on how to choose a good one in this article. Let’s get started, shall we?