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Worst Case Scenario No Comments

What’s the worst possible thing you can imagine happening? You probably don’t have to think very hard. Most of us have something in mind that would be the unimaginable, impossible-to-survive scenario. Is it a terrorist attack? Something catastrophic happening to someone you love? An IRS audit? A frightening medical…

Trying to Fill That Emptiness No Comments

I am certainly not an expert on grief, but after losing my own husband ten years ago and observing the actions of other widows and widowers, I have noticed some similarities. Many of us desperately try to replace our grief with someone or something else. I guess we feel that if we can fill that void, the loss of…

Please Don’t Try to Fix Me No Comments

Several months after the sudden death of my 32-year-old husband, the subtle hints from my friends, family and co-workers appeared – suggesting the time had come for me to get out more socially, begin sorting through his personal belongings and find the smile I once had. The more they pressed the more I distanced…

The Connection Remains Forever No Comments

What should I do with all the family photographs? How can I share my father’s legacy with my children and grandchildren? How do I remain connected with my mom after her passing? Where can I go besides the cemetery to spend time with my sister? Creating a memorial honoring your loved one is a great way to keep their…