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Living with Loss, One Day at a TimeWhile exploring the hardships of loss by providing daily encouragements to help a griever through their personal journey, this book focuses on all aspects of life. It embraces and emphasizes the happy, healthy days of life with your loved one and how the loss has changed that life while integrating the loss into daily lives providing healing tools and suggestions.

I am so glad that Rachel wrote this book, so she can continue to help more people live with loss. She has a special gift for imparting small and manageable ideas that can profoundly impact someone grieving. Loss is never easy, but Rachel’s words and wisdom can help make the journey a bit more bearable and perhaps even more meaningful. — From the Forward by Sharon Liese, Executive Producer – Herizon Productions.

About the Author

Rachel KodanazAs a motivational speaker, author, grief consultant, and facilitator, Rachel Blythe Kodanaz tackles today’s challenges to help provide encouragement to those who are suffering a loss or setback. She entered the grief world in 1992 when her husband suddenly passed away, leaving her with a two-year-old daughter. Her experience in the management of large corporations led her to develop and publish material about how to support grief and loss in the workplace. Rachel is a columnist for Living with Loss Magazine and has published numerous articles and handbooks on grief. She speaks nationally to various groups and has appeared on Good Morning America. Her passion drives her to help other grievers who are suffering losses by actively supporting national grief and loss programs, including Camp Widow, Facing the Mourning®, employee assistance programs, and human resource endeavors.


“We are grateful for the work you do in teaching emotional and psychological support strategies to those who need it, and we look forward to watching your continued success.  Thank you for your commitment to Colorado.” —John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado

“The book can help to ground each person who reads it. It organizes a thought pattern and generally helps people to identify and acknowledge the many possibilities that they have as they face the future. It is helpful and hopeful and I know it will offer everyone who reads it a new lease on life giving each grieving individual a place to start to put their life together.” —Myrna Sigman

Living with Loss is a fountain of hope for those who are wondering how they will get through another day after a profound loss. The pages are filled with daily gems of inspiration, advice, and common sense.” —Dr. Gloria Horsley, President and Founder of Open to Hope

“This book is the best gift you can give to yourself or to someone else who is grieving. It is as warm, open, direct, and supportive as sitting down for a cup of tea with Rachel herself. Go in order or just pick a page and you will find wise words to help you along the journey of grief.” —Jennifer McBride, President, HeartLight Center

“Written by a grief expert with a lot of talent, Rachel knows what she’s talking about. This book can be opened to any page and compassionate comfort will be found.” —Andrea Gambill, Editor-in-Chief, Grief Digest magazine

“This book is filled with hope, practical advice, and a wisdom that will be helpful for those facing grief. I highly recommend it.” —Deborah Gauchat, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

“The positive and encouraging tone of this helpful book honors the loss experienced by the reader, while also offering daily tips for recreating a full life in the aftermath of a loss.” —Michele Neff Hernandez, Executive Director, Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation

Living with Loss is like sitting with a good friend who helps you take your grief day by day. Simple by design and full of practical advice from one who has been there, Rachel shows us that out of something bad comes something good.” —Lloyd Osgood, CEO, Comfort Zone Camp

Living with Loss should grace your bedside table and should be read each morning or evening as part of your healing ritual, prayer, or meditation. This book will keep you focused on what you can positively do each day, without being self-judgmental.” —Jan Waggoner, Publisher, Bereavement Publications

From The Author

My personal journey has changed me forever – what once provided me with enthusiasm and excitement has shifted. Now, I find passion helping others through their grief journey and purpose in everything I do, from enjoying a meal with my family and friends to reaching out to fellow grievers. After over 20 years, I am still amazed at how much a significant loss can change ones outlook on all aspects of life.

So whether you are searching for purpose or passion in life again, it has to come from within yourself and your heart. It really is an individual process where you search your soul for the next chapter of your life, regardless of your current situation. Many times it is hard to start over, as your desire, of course, is to be with your loved one and that is no longer an option. Finding what works for you may take longer than expected and is often as difficult as the loss itself which makes it overwhelming for most of us. Working through your own pain, sorting through so many unanswered questions and trying to figure out what the future holds is scary, but it can be exciting when you allow your heart to lead the way.

More Information

To learn more about Living with Loss, One Day at a Time, visit Rachel’s website at


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