Natural Remedies to Heal Muscle Pain

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Muscle and joint pain can be annoying, uncomfortable, and even painful. We instinctively want to alleviate pain immediately. We, therefore, often look for a quick solution. Over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), and acetaminophen are effective, but long-term use can be harmful to health. Prescription drugs can be addictive and have side effects.

What Is Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain is most often due to tension, strains, and injuries to the muscles. It is stabbing, cramp-like pain in the muscles. Mostly in the back, shoulder, or neck area. They can be caused by improper strain, injuries, and overexertion. Sometimes also due to diseases of the immune system, nervous system, or other organs. Medicines, drugs, and alcohol can also be to blame.


You don’t even have to be active to be familiar with classic sore muscles. Each of us has had this experience at least once in a lifetime. Fortunately, sore muscles can heal in a few days. It is recommended to keep moving and taking supplements with magnesium.

Muscle Injuries and Bruises

Serious muscle injuries can also occur during physical activity. An example of this are extremely painful muscle bruises and tears in the muscle fibers or whole muscles.

Muscle Cramps Due to Sports Activity

Muscle cramps can also cause muscle pain. They usually appear suddenly and, in some cases, can even become a problem in the long run. Because you sweat a lot when you exercise, your body loses a lot of magnesium. This can lead to cramps.

Muscle Tension Due to Lack of Exercise

Even if you don’t move a lot and spend a long time in the car or at the computer, you are not necessarily spared from muscle pain. Lack of exercise and poor posture can lead to muscle tension. It usually begins with drawing pains in the shoulders, back, or neck.

Methods for The Natural Relief of Muscle Pain

Before you take any potentially harmful medication, you should consider these alternatives.

Bathing in Epsom salt

Bathing in warm water with Epsom salt is a proven method to relieve sore muscles. It contains magnesium sulfate so; it is a natural muscle relaxant. Swelling can be reduced with this method. Epsom salt can pull excess fluids from muscle and joint tissue.

It is recommended to bathe in Epsom salt three times a week for 15 minutes.

Ginger Tea

Because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed to have work best for muscle and joint pain remedy. There are even promising study results that ginger tea could help with osteoarthritis.

Warmth and Cold

Joint pain can also be relieved with cold/warm compresses. Warmth helps increase blood flow, which results in relaxation from muscle and joint pain.

The pain of inflammation or in any affected area can be reduced with cold treatment. For best results, most use heat and cold alternately.


Not only it feels good but a massage also supports the blood circulation in the tissue, which reduces inflammation.


It is always advised to just sit and take rest when you’re in pain. But this is not the way to relieve sore muscles. You will recover much faster if you just get up and move. Stretching exercises and also be helpful.


Studies show that cannabidiol (CBD) could be anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. In addition, it is very often used by users for pain. Even other cannabis strains like Pineapple Express strain have proved helpful in pain relief. This is why many see it as a promising alternative to medicines for muscle pain as well. It is advantageous that there are no dependencies or strong side effects when using CBD for pain. Therefore, it could be a good alternative to traditional pain relievers.

CBD Ointments

We often only associate CBD cosmetics, including CBD ointments, and CBD butter with beauty. They could have a lot more to offer. In fact, they could not only beautify the skin; CBD creams are also increasingly being used by athletes. Most often to relieve muscle pain.

But even if you are not an athlete, you could benefit from the possible effects of CBD on muscle pain and tension. CBD users who suffer from muscle pain often supplement the oral intake of CBD oil with the dermal application of CBD ointments.


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