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Advice for Caregivers No Comments

Caregiving demands a lot of time and attention, which can be very overwhelming and lead to caregiver burnout or put them in a stressful situation. In order to maintain great health and wellbeing for caregivers, we’ve listed four pieces of advice that can help them on their journeys with caring for patients or loved ones…

More Tips on How to Choose a Homecare Nurse No Comments

We’ve covered how to get started with choosing a home healthcare service provider in a previous article, along with some questions to ask during the selection process. Finding a good homecare nurse is really important, which is why we’re going to review some more tips on how to choose a good one in this article. Let’s get started, shall we?

Caring for the Carer – Who Cares for Those Who Care for Others? No Comments

It takes a lot of love to put your own life on hold to care for a loved one who cannot look after themselves. Most carers who take on this role do so because they wouldn’t want it any other way. You are probably one of those people. Yet, like so many others in your situation, do you find that while you are busy caring for others, no one seems to be caring for you and your needs?

4 Problems that Senior Home Care Agencies Face and Ways to Come Out of Them No Comments

There is no doubt about the increasing success of the senior home care industry. However, the industry is also facing certain challenges. Owing to its rise in demand, there have been many complications, as well. If you are planning to start a home care agency, you must see to it that you are equipped to face all the issues and complexities associated with the industry…

Aging with Grace: The Benefit of Yoga for Seniors No Comments

Buddhism and Hinduism define Yoga as a “spiritual discipline,” but for today’s senior citizens, it means much more. When the topic of Yoga for seniors popped up, I instantly thought of my best friend’s grandmother, well into her seventies, who has been happily practicing this ancient technique for many decades…

Preparing To Say Goodbye and Other Challenges of the Heart No Comments

I found out this week that my father’s years-long battle with cancer has moved to a terminal stage. And while the news is not completely unexpected, it is a frightening jolt to be faced with his mortality in terms of months, all the same. My father has quietly admitted that he is afraid and not yet ready to die; heartbreaking words from someone whose emotions are usually very reserved. My dad would likely be surprised to know…

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