Stirring Up Memories this Mother’s Day

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This Mothers’ Day I’m thinking about not only my mom, “Beazy,” but also about my one-in-a-million grand mom, Nana! Both will be celebrating the day in Heaven. I wonder, since we know there will be no sadness, carb counting or keto craziness in heaven~ what if they will celebrate the day with one of Nana’s killer 6 layer chocolate cakes?! Is that cake making your mouth water right now, too? 

One of my family’s favorite traditions for keeping memories of our loved ones fresh is to stir up an email conversation on special days. Cousin Drew might start the day with a story about Nana’s steel magnolia-ish approach for getting home projects accomplished. “While you’re on your feet…” could you possibly clean out the gutters? knock down the cob webs? paint the guest room? 

Another family member might “reply-all” with a story about Nana dressed in her starched white uniform (and hat!) on her way to work. She was a Nursing Supervisor at Emory Hospital in Atlanta; but her proudest chapter was serving as a private duty nurse for baseball legend, Ty Cobb. I can guarantee you his room didn’t have any cob webs while Nana was his boss nurse. 

In the email chain there might be a grand kid’s memory about spending a solo night at Nana’s sweet cottage house, nestled in her dreamy soft pink sheets. At her house, you could order whatever you wanted for breakfast, and stay up late to watch Hank Aaron and the Atlanta Braves.  

This Mothers’ Day, I’m thinking about stirring up some Nana story treasures via our family email. What if somebody could recreate that 6 layer slice of Heaven?! 

Thanks for the sweet memories, Nana, #GoBraves! 

If your family and friends created an email chain tribute to someone you’re missing this Mothers’ Day, what’s a story you might include?  Please share it on the Grief Survivor Facebook page!

It was a great honor to sit down with Davey Blackburn, host of the Nothing is Wasted Podcast for this special Mothers’ Day edition. Hope you’ll give it a listen. To hear more from Davey and his super inspiring guests, you’ll probably want to subscribe!

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