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At some point in our lives, we will eventually find ourselves in a position where we could no longer do the things that we normally could. Though we do what we can to keep it at bay, ageing is a natural process that will eventually catch up with us. And when the challenges of old age inevitably do so, we most likely will not be able to take them on alone.

As one of the most elderly-friendly countries in the world, you will have no trouble getting access to aged care services in Australia. With so many different kinds of services available, though, how do you find the care service that is just right for you? Let us guide you through what you need to consider in this article.


One of the first things you would want to consider is where you would like to receive care. In general, you have two options: receiving care from a caregiver at your own home, or moving in to a separate aged care facility. On one hand, hiring a caregiver will give you the benefits of being able to stay in an environment that is familiar to you – your home, in your neighbourhood. Depending on your living situation, it might also be better to receive care at home as having to move out of the house can be very inconvenient and will take up a lot of your time and resources.

On the other hand, living in an aged care home does have its own benefits. Many aged care homes, whether they are privately owned or funded by the government, offer a variety of amenities in addition to the essentials of your stay. A few examples of these amenities can include faster access to medical services such as checkups, treatments, and therapy, yoga and exercise routines, leisure, entertainment, and more to maximise your physical and mental well-being during your stay.


Another thing to consider is how long you will need additional care and assistance, whether at home or in a dedicated facility. There can be some situations in which you may need care for some length of time – the most common of such situations being one recovering from a disease or injury such as a heart attack, stroke, physical injury, or surgery. Thanks to the many advancements we’ve had in terms of healthcare and general quality of life, we are able to retain much of the energy and ability of our youth even in our old age; in cases like these, one may not need the assistance of a caregiver for much longer than a few months’ time.

That being said, there can still be some situations in which one will need the assistance of a caregiver for extended periods, which can get rather expensive over time. Taking this into account, one might find the additional amenities of an aged care home worth moving out to.


The last and arguably the most important deciding factor in selecting an aged care provider is probably the budget. Under most circumstances, you will be able to receive funding assistance from the Australian government through their Home Care Package programme to help cover the cost of your aged care; however, you will also be asked to cover a percentage of the cost based on your current financial status. Although we cannot give you any specific numbers in this article, we can tell you that in general, choosing to live in an aged care facility or a retirement or nursing home will typically cost more than having an in-house caregiver.

Getting Aged Care

From what we’ve discussed, the wide range of aged care services available to you means there is a lot of flexibility that can give you exactly the kind of care you need. To help guide you through this selection process, My Aged Care is typically the best and fastest way to get you connected to high quality aged care providers with as little hassle to you as possible. The first step involves contacting My Aged Care and explaining to them your current situation so that they have an idea of the kind of support plan will work best for you.

To better understand your specific needs, they may send a representative to your home to conduct a face-to-face assessment with you. Here, they will ask you for more specific details about your current living situation and your current lifestyle, as well as what you would like to be able to do while under their care. Once My Aged Care has all of the information they need, they will develop a support plan and connect you with the caregiver or aged care facility that best fits your needs so you can make the best of your life with aged care.


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