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Digital Memorial Plaque

Your Tribute Introduces the Digital Memorial Plaque

Attach a Digital Memorial Plaque to any surface to turn it into a permanent memorial in tribute to your loved one. Friends and family can scan the QR Code on the plaque to visit your loved one’s memorial website to view, and contribute to, their life story.

Digital Memorial Plaque on TreeYour Tribute CEO Jason Ropchan explains the concept of the new plaques in greater detail, “A Digital Memorial Plaque connects traditional methods of memorialization, such as a gravestone or monument, with modern Internet memorial websites. Visitors to the physical memorial can scan the QR Code on the plaque to access the person’s interactive online memorial and share memories. The memorial website will remain online permanently so that future generations who view the Digital Memorial Plaque can learn more about the person.”

Made of bonded, high-quality acrylic and designed to withstand the elements for more than 100 years, memorial plaques can be placed in both public and private settings, and securely attached to a variety of surfaces. Users can place plaques on gravestones, monuments, park benches, trees, or even affix them to objects such as urns.

Included with the purchase of a Digital Memorial Plaque is a permanent Your Tribute memorial website. Memorial websites have a range of interactive features, and provide a place for the departed loved ones to record memories, upload photos and videos, and receive condolences. Sites will remain online forever, and purchasers pay no annual fees.

Digital Memorial PlaqueHow Does The Plaque Work?

When you order a Digital Memorial Plaque you will receive a code to create an online memorial for your loved one at When your plaque arrives you can attach the Digital Memorial Plaque to any object that you want to turn into a memorial. The plaque will have a unique code and URL engraved on it that links the object to the deceased’s online memorial. Friends and family who view the memorial plaque can scan the code with a mobile phone, or enter the URL directly in their web browser, to view the person’s online memorial.

Permanent Memorial WebsiteWhy Create  A Memorial Website?

When a loved one passes away, over time many of our memories, photos and videos of that person get lost or forgotten. A Digital Memorial Plaque can include a permanent memorial website from Your Tribute that will remain online forever with no annual fees. Use the memorial website to record memories, upload photos and videos, and receive condolences. Your memorial plaque will link to the memorial website allowing generations of family and friends to access the online memorial to learn about your loved one and leave their condolences.

To learn more, or order the Digital Memorial Plaque, visit:

Click the following link to view the press release announcing the Digital Memorial Plaque:


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