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Planning Your Own FuneralThe following is a guest post contributed by Laurel Funerals:

Funerals are often a taboo subject; people feel unable to talk about the subject of death yet it is however one of the certainties of life. It’s easy to avoid writing a will and understandably hard to plan your own funeral, but for those who would like some control after death it can be very worthwhile. Recognizing that death is a part of life and planning your own funeral can be a liberating experience too. It may also help your family to sort your affairs out and avoid having to go through the often stressful funeral planning process themselves whilst trying to come to terms with your loss. Whatever the reason and decision for planning your own service, a funeral should be a celebration of life and a cathartic event for friends, family and loved ones.

The Elements involved in Pre-Arranging a Funeral

Hiring a Funeral Director – experts at arranging funerals, their knowledge around planning is invaluable and they will help you make better choices if you are dealing with them directly. It is often encouraged to involve a close family member in planning, this is a way of acknowledging that they will be involved in planning following your death. The funeral director will with your help put together a funeral plan.

Funeral plan – this is a documented pre arrangement of certain aspects of your funeral. It helps to secure a price of the day and will make the actual cost clear, it can be paid in one lump sum or in installments. There is no age limit and it will not be necessary to declare any details about your health or go through any medical tests ahead of taking on a plan. The funeral plan covers and includes: the funeral director’s costs, costs of cremation or burial, associated fees such as doctors’ fees, clergy and crematoria. A funeral plan makes it easy to hand over details of your ideal life celebration to someone close to you before you die.

Payment options – funerals can be costly but there are two ways to pay for your ceremony: either by a lump sum within 30 days of applying or in installments each month over the timespan of 1 to 5 years.

Details of taking out a funeral plan – the funeral directors will go through the options and choices available so you can decide what type of funeral and services you would like. They help you with the documentation or just check it for you if you would prefer to complete it at home or with a friend/family member. Step 3 is to choose a payment option. The documentation and payment form is then sent off for processing by Golden Leaves Trust. The funeral plan will cover main aspects and services that will be provided, then you will be provided with an additional planning guide and checklist that you can share and discuss with family and friends at a later date.


To find out more about funeral plans and the options a pre-arranged funeral can provide you with please see Laurel Funerals.


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