What to Consider When Planning Your Own Funeral

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What to Consider When Planning Your Own FuneralThe following is a guest post contributed by Tobin Brothers Funerals:

Death is quite possibly one of the most difficult things any of us will ever have to face. Naturally, when the time comes for us, we want the process of funeral planning to be as easy as possible for our grieving loved ones. This is exactly why so many people are beginning to consider the benefits that come with planning their own funeral in advance.

Deciding this is the right decision for you and your loved ones is one thing, but making sure all the bases are properly covered is another. Here are some key concerns you’ll want to make sure to consider during your own planning process.

Including Funeral Preferences in Your Will

If you don’t already have a last will and testament, then you’ll want to make plans to have one drawn up. If you already have one, then you should consider adding your wishes and desires with regard to your funeral preferences. The more details you can take care of in advance for your family, the less they’ll have to worry about when the time does come to say goodbye and the fewer decisions they’ll have to make.

Consider Your Financial Options

One of the hardest parts of planning a funeral for a deceased loved one is handling the financial responsibility that comes with it. There can be tremendous pressure to overspend, as quite a few people buy into the notion that the amount of money spent on a funeral correlates to the amount of love felt for the deceased.

You can take the pressure of making these decisions off of your loved ones by taking care of the financial arrangements in advance. Many funeral homes will allow you to make arrangements yourself and pay in advance. There are also additional options to consider that will help take the edge off the cost of a funeral such as funeral insurance.

Getting Your Family Involved

Although a large focus should certainly be placed on what you would like done with your remains and with the ceremony in general, many people also want to take into consideration what will bring their family peace and closure once they’re gone. Consider involving your spouse, children, and friends in the funeral planning process. After all, the funeral service is going to play a huge role in how they begin the grieving process and remember you together as a group.

Choosing the Right Funeral Home

One of the major benefits of planning your own funeral is being able to comparison shop and take your time finding exactly the right people to help you carry out your final wishes. The home you choose should have a solid reputation for excellence. Employees should be sensitive, caring, and sympathetic. Last, but not least, they should be able to offer their services at a good value. Don’t be afraid to seek out recommendations or read consumer reviews for each home you’re considering online before you make your decision.

Taking care of your own funeral planning represents a wise, frugal, and considerate choice. Looking into your own options will bring both you and your family the peace of mind you’re looking for in regard to the future.



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