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It always seems like time is going by too fast, and most often than not, you might feel that you always lack the time to do all of the things that you want to do, buy all of the things that you want, and go to the places that you want to visit. One thing that time does that greatly affects your everyday life is giving or taking away value to your money. With the concept of inflation, time is really your money’s enemy. Each year, inflation causes the cost of living to increase at a certain rate. This means that the cost of goods and services this year would inflate by the start of the new year. If for this year your total expense reach £20,000, when 2020 comes, it would rise by £400 if you consider the average annual inflation rate of 2%. This goes without saying that it would affect the value of your money even if you would not get the same percentage increase in your annual income. That is why it is really important to actually take advantage of making the most value out of your money while it is still early. One way to do this is to get a prepaid funeral plan.


Why You Should Choose a Prepaid Funeral Plans

On average, households these days have an annual debt of £58,540. Add an average of £32,604 living expenses for a family of four per year on top of that, what would be left of your income by the end of the year? If you would not have enough money by the end of the year to add to your savings, do you think you would even have enough to cover for funeral expenses should a loved one in your family passes away unexpectedly? The average cost of funerals in the UK these days have already risen to £3,744 for a cremation with the essential elements and £4,798 for a burial with a simple memorial service. These prices do not include discretionary items expenses that range from third party suppliers like flowers and catering services. If you have a prepaid funeral plan, you would be able to take advantage of the values today but apply it at a time when someone passes away in your family since it is transferable. There are different kinds of plans you could choose from depending on your preferences and most especially on your budget.


  1. Stibbards & Sons’ Value Plan

For only £2,899, you would already be able to save yourself from the hassle of planning a funeral since you would have the services of a funeral director who would go through all of the hassles for you. Although since this is the most basic plan, you would only get the services that cover all of the necessary undertakings to bury or cremate the deceased. If you are looking for something that is simple, basic and very straight forward, then this is the best one.


The Crystal Plan

By adding £450 from the Value Plan, at £3,349, you would already be able to have a simple wake service and procession so that other people could have the moment and time to pay their respects for your deceased loved one. Even though it may cost a bit more, it is a special addition so that you would be able to commemorate the life of the deceased in any small and simple way that you could.


The Pearl Plan

If you want something a bit grander along with a memorial service and a limousine, then you should be prepared to shell out £4,144 for your deceased loved one. This makes it a more intimate celebration of his or her life and you would also be able to enjoy additional services that you would like to have such as catering services, musicians, flowers, or anything that you fancy as long as you would be able to afford it. Just simply leave it to your funeral director and grieve for your loved one.


The Ruby Plan

At £4,599, you would already be able to get everything that Stibbards has to offer, including two limousines for you and your family, and as well as a beautiful oak veneer coffin for your deceased loved one. If you have the extra money and can afford it, this is the best way to commemorate the life of your deceased loved one – with a special, grand, and intimate celebration of the life he or she lived. 


Value for Money

These plans may seem expensive at first glance, but when you think about the value of your money now versus when you would need it for the actual funeral five, ten or maybe even thirty or fifty years from now, you would realise that this is one of the best financial decisions you have ever made. Imagine paying only £4,599 for a funeral in 50 years that would have already cost about more than 5 times of that because of inflation and economic factors. Get ahead and maximise the value of your money while you can!


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