How Cremation Jewelry Can Help You Keep Your Loved Ones Memory Alive

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The hardest part about losing a loved one is when all you have left are memories of that person. True, there are probably a lot of things that your loved one left behind but, maybe you’d want something that’s closer to your heart than just “stuff.” So, maybe, cremation jewelry is the right memento that you can get so that you will feel your loved one is always with you wherever you go.


What Is Cremation Jewelry? 

Perhaps this is the first time you have heard of cremation jewelry. For those who are new to this, cremation jewelry is simply jewelry that has some of the ashes of your loved one added to the metal of the jewelry. If you want gold jewelry, then the ashes of your loved one are mixed with the gold as it is being formed. Other people might prefer to have other items from the funeral or wake put into the jewelry instead, such as a piece of cloth from the funeral clothes, or maybe a flower from those sent by well-wishers to the wake. It all depends on what you feel reminds you the most of your loved one.


How Cremation Jewelry Can Keep Your Loved One’s Memory Alive


  1. As A Keepsake

The purpose of creating this kind of jewelry is that it will help you feel better after your loved one has crossed over to the Light. For some people, having cremation bracelets on their wrist makes them feel calmer and more assured that they are not alone. Others may prefer necklaces instead that will match their preferred shade of suits or dresses at work or when they dine out. Your purpose for getting cremation jewelry may differ from that of other people, but the commonality is that you still love the one who has passed on and want a reminder of the love that you shared between you.


  1. To Follow Tradition

Some people might be confused by the term “cremation jewelry” because perhaps they didn’t opt to have the remains of their loved one cremated. Not to worry, as other terms used to describe this kind of jewelry are “remembrance jewelry”, “memorial jewelry”, or “funeral jewelry”. Other people may have already been keeping something from their loved one on hand without realizing that this is the same practice we just described. For instance, some women may have acquired clothes or accessories such as dresses and scarves from a favorite aunt or grandmother after the latter passed on. There are also men who may have been given a watch or cuff links by an uncle or grandfather, too. Cremation jewelry follows the same line of thinking.


  1. Use Them To Tell Stories About Your Loved One 

In the past, cremation ashes used to be confined to a closed urn that the family or friends of the deceased could keep at home in a cabinet or shelf. But with this kind of jewelry, you can tell stories about your loved one to interested guests at home without having to show the urn to them. Why? Well, an urn is actually a very personal thing that not every guest might be comfortable seeing on their visit. But if you have a beautiful piece of jewelry on you, your guests will probably remark on it so that it becomes a conversation starter. Your guests might even ask where you had your cremation jewelry made so that they could also make arrangements of their own.


  1. A Means To Remember Childhood Memories

There are some examples about the use of cremation jewelry that are quite unique, actually. Some children may have become orphans at a young age, even from infancy, in some cases, because their mother or father (or both parents) died. Cremation jewelry would thus be useful to remind the child that their parent is with them even though the child has no memories of that parent. A cremation bracelet would be quite nice to have around, even when there are no special occasions to celebrate yet. By the same token, a cremation necklace would also be eye-catching, too. When the child crosses over to adulthood, the jewelry would serve to highlight childhood memories.


  1. As A Family Heirloom 

One valuable use of cremation jewelry is that you can also pass it on to someone in the next generation when you pass on. You probably already have someone in mind. So, if you are already preparing to fix your estate this early, you might want to mention who will receive your current cremation jewelry in your last will and testament. It might even become a tradition in your family. And you can ask your beneficiaries to make arrangements for your own cremation so that they can have cremation jewelry made out of your ashes, too.


Final Thoughts: Cremation Jewelry Can Help You Cope With The Loss
Some people find it hard to move on when they’ve lost a loved one. Fortunately, with cremation jewelry, you can keep your loved one’s memory alive by always having something to remember them by. Cremation jewelry can serve as keepsakes and family heirlooms, and can even be conversation starters. With cremation jewelry, you can, in time, cope with the loss of your loved one and regard their memory with joy instead of grief.


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