How to Choose Music For a Funeral Service

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In times of sadness and grief, music can be incredibly comforting and represent the language of the heart. The music that is played or collectively sung at a funeral will live on in the hearts of those who attend the service. This is why selecting the right music is an important part of planning a meaningful funeral service. Carefully selected funeral music can be very comforting for the attendees as they mourn and celebrate the passing of a loved one.

So Why Include Music As Part of a Funeral Service?

The Meaning of The Words

Music plays an important part in the grieving process because it can allow you to connect with the feelings that are often hard to put into words. When you are overwhelmed with the loss of a loved you might find it difficult to process your thoughts, and these types of emotions can be extremely difficult to describe to other people. Music can act as a channel between these feelings and your heart, which means it can help connect us with our true feelings about losing a loved one.


It Helps to Connect with Others

In addition to music helping those grieving to connect with their feelings, it can also help strengthen relationships with those who are also grieving the loss. Whether the music is culturally significant or chosen by those who have passed away, it can be a communal experience for the attendees of a funeral service.



Music can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to bringing back memories that will last a lifetime. Maybe you had a day out with the person who has passed and remember a happy time where a piece of music was playing. Or perhaps you were lifelong friends with those who have passed, and you both had a favourite piece of music that you enjoyed together.

How to Make The Right Selection


Make it Personal

Above any other element of a funeral service, music is the most ideal way of tailoring it to the personality of those who have passed away. Always make sure that the song you select personally means something to the person’s life that you are celebrating. And, remember that it doesn’t always need to seem like a typical funeral song. It could be anything from a song by their favourite pop artist or a classical composer or even a song from their favourite blockbuster film. All you need to do is make sure that they would be happy with the music that you choose. After all, it is their life that is being celebrated.


Consider The Tone That The Music Will Set

Music sets the tone when any gathering of people come together. And, a funeral service is no exception. With this being said, you need to think about the overall vibe and tone that your selection of music will create. Do you want to create an atmosphere that is uplifting, joyful and filled with optimism? Or maybe something a little calmer?


Read The Lyrics In The Music

Before choosing any piece of music for a funeral service, it’s very important that you carefully read through the lyrics and research their meanings. This is to ensure that the music is appropriate for the funeral of a loved one, as you wouldn’t want any music to be played that doesn’t represent the celebration of their life.


Lastly, if you were chosen to pick the music for someone’s funeral because you were closer to them than any other attendee, then please do not worry about they think about your choices. The most important thing is to make your decisions based on the person that once lived and the personality the people they have left behind will remember.


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