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To most of us, death is a pretty scary topic that we do not want to talk or even think about. In our society, death is a taboo and even mentioning the word results in the whole place going quiet and everyone’s mood turning serious.

Death has become a taboo

When did we start feeling so scared of death? If you look at it, death is the most obvious truth of life. Death is something that treats all races, religions and regions the same way. It is the only thing in this world that every single one of us is guaranteed to get.

And yet, rarely do we talk about it. Our conversations about death have become so rare that when a person loses a loved one, they find themselves completely incapable of dealing with the pain.

Our generation doesn’t know how to deal with death

Unfortunately, these days, when a person loses a loved one their main reaction is to completely give up on their life. Some go into depression, some turn to crime or drug abuse and the worst of all, some try to kill themselves. Of course not everyone is doing this but the truth is, the number of people who choose to respond in this way, is growing at an alarming rate.

With this post, we’re not trying to say that you start preparing for your death and shortlist the best headstones for sale. No. What we’re saying is that we have to embrace death’s inevitability. We have to accept the fact that, sooner or later, we will die.

And, once we accept that, we have to open ourselves up. We need to learn how to talk about such an important matter because, if we don’t, the next generation is going to be even more incapable of dealing with death than we are.

Awareness about death will make you a better person

Talking about death will not only help you become a more self-aware and well-prepared person but it will also have the same effects on those you talk to. Here is an example; suppose you have a female friend who is a single mom and she spends all her days working really hard so that she can provide her child a better future.

Now suppose that her child passes away. Think about how tragic this would be to the mother. There is nothing you can do to take her pain away but, if you have knowledge regarding death-related matters, you can help your friend in this tough time. Also, you need to prepare children for death, especially if their parents or someone else close to them is terminally ill.

Here are a few ways to help your friend:

First and foremost, your friend will be feeling completely devastated in such a time, what you need to do is spend maximum time with her, providing emotional support.

Secondly, it will be really hard for your friend to plan her child’s funeral in such a state. You can help your friend by helping arrange the funeral, checking the headstone prices and even helping in choosing the most suitable baby headstone.

And more importantly, once the funeral is done don’t think that your friend’s pain is over too. She will still need a long time to recover and you will need to be there for her.


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