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Memorial cremation tattoos may seem a little macabre to some, but they seem to be growing in popularity lately. Tattoos are a great way for some people to deal with their feelings. Some people find getting a tattoo in memory of their loved one is the perfect way to venture through the grieving process and to honor their loved one. By taking it a step further and adding in the ashes into the tattoo ink, they can feel as if they are carrying a piece of their loved one with them forever. More and more people are looking into this process, and it is only expected to keep surging in popularity in the future.

The process involves adding your loved one’s ashes into the ink, prior to the ink being placed into the needle. Once the ashes are added to the ink it is ready to be applied to your skin, so the process is not that much different from getting a normal tattoo. Memorial cremation tattoos are also scientifically and medically safe. In fact, cremation ashes are basically pure carbon, which is sterile and free of anything harmful. When all the prep work has been done properly there is zero chance of contamination. This means that memorial cremation tattoos are a safe and appropriate way to help you commemorate your loved one.

Many people feel as if a memorial cremation tattoo gives them back a solid connection to their loved one that they feel as if they lost. The tattoo is that one little thread that keeps them connected to their loved one forever. Some may even decide to tattoo something that was important to the deceased too. It is the perfect way to remember them with a piece of them added to the tattoo and a great story to go with it. Every time they look down and see the tattoo, they will remember their loved one and what they meant to them. Your new tattoo is truly a piece of your loved one that will be with you forever.

A memorial cremation tattoo can be a reassuring and a healing part of the grieving process. As the popularity of this process grows, there are sure to be more and more tattoo studios that offer this type of tattoo. It is a new and innovative way to help someone through the grieving process, and many of the tattoo artists are happy to help and know that they are making an impact on people’s lives. The artists know how much they are helping their clients transition through the grieving process and cannot be happier to see how much others appreciate their help, and many of these artists are even taking classes on how to help their clients through the grieving process. Memorial cremation tattoos are something you may not consider now, but in the future, you may find yourself deciding that these are the best way to honor your loved one and help you through the grieving process.


Helen Bishop

MOBI Funeral Supply


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