Past Life Readings – Regression, Tests And Spiritual Advisors

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Past Life Readings – Regression, Tests And Spiritual AdvisorsPast life readings can be very important and fulfilling for many people as such information can be quite healing. When you know past life events you understand what emotions were trapped and why that happened, allowing such misunderstood emotions to disappear. You get the opportunity if moving forward. Past life knowledge is associated with a strong emotion release that basically lets us live our life in the present.

While there are different simple ways to remember past lives, in many situations we need some extra help. This is where professionals step in to give us a helping hand. We are going to discuss different ways to learn about past lives and we will understand the role that spiritual advisors have in helping us.

Past Life Readings Executed With Tarot

The tarot cards depicting large water bodies can indicate past life information if they come up in the past (foundation) position. Tarot imagery that you have to look out for includes, but is not limited to:

  • Temperance

This means you were reserved and wise in a past life. Good karma was built up and the current life is the reward for what happened then. Tendencies like excess drinking, overeating, addiction and similar are common.

  • Star

The card indicates spiritual knowledge in a past life. There was a struggle present and redemption was found in wisdom. In most cases the current life will offer various rewards coming as fantastic inspiration.

  • Moon

The card indicates that there was a really strong love that appeared for another person in a past life. In this life you will not find that person but it can appear in the next one. This card is normally an indication that there is a thirst to find a soul mate, a thirst that never seems to be quenched.

  • Two Of Wands

The card highlights you had a lot of success and life in your past life. During this life you can make current opportunities work great for you but it is possible that you overdo it in your search for excitement.

  • Two Of Swords

In the recent past life the individual was subservient to someone else. Now it is possible to end up having an independence fear that simply does not disappear.

  • Six Of Swords

This card is not that great as it highlights that the past life included much regret and terror. The individual becomes somber in the current life. In a similar way, the ten of swords shows that the past life did end sadly. In this scenario a current lifetime is spent mourning the loss that happened in the previous life.

These are just some examples of cards that can appear in tarot readings and that can signal a past life. Based on Best Psychics reviews, most of the psychics do use tarot cards in order to gain information about past lives.

Past Life Readings Done By Mediums

Some mediums can gain insights about past lives in sessions that normally last around 3 hours. During the first hour there is an interview that takes place, leading towards feeling as if you are in a counselling session. This is where the medium figures out why the client is looking for information about a past life and what accomplishments are desired from regressions.

During the second hour, the medium will take the client into a regression. This normally happens as a person relaxes and has eyes closed. An actual regression is going to take around 1 hour to 1 hour and a half but longer may be necessary. There are usually up to 3 different lifetimes that are experienced by the client as this past life regression happens.

Any session done by a medium will finish with a discussion. That is because the experience needs to be discussed. Energy is drained and disorientation is common. The medium will help you to regain orientation.

Past Life Analysis Done By Astrologers

Past life astrology is capable of discovering past lives by using astrological methods. Sometimes mediums also have astrology knowledge and they combine regression therapy with the knowledge that they have about the zodiac and astrology.

The past life reading is done by an individual with special astrology branch knowledge. The astrologer uses the zodiac to offer former life analysis. This is because of the basis that is put on what is referred to as the Law Of Karma. An understanding of possible past lives appears at cognitive levels. Because of this, you can end up faced with feeling totally disoriented. You have to act on all these emotions in order for them to help you reach positive life changes.


Past life readings are highly controversial. Some people see them as being scams, especially when a session takes place online. Many do not think that an online test can help learn information about past lives. That is definitely incorrect. The online tests can be used as the first steps towards figuring out who you were and what you experienced in at least one of your past lives.

Obviously, the topic is highly controversial but past life readings have been proven to help thousands of people till now. You can read more about the topic on the internet but just make sure that you only deal with mediums, psychics or astrologers that have a high reputation and that are real specialists. You have to avoid the scam artists in order to get a fulfilling past life reading.


| End-of-Life Resouces

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