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There’s been a massive increase in the number of people choosing to have eco-friendly funerals (also known as green funerals). With more options for people to choose from means that they can personalise services and grant their loved one’s final wishes of protecting the environment. The rise in their popularity has also been due to the number of funeral directors now offering them as part of their services. But, what exactly is involved in an eco-friendly funeral and what makes them kind to the environment? Let’s take a look.

What Consists of an Eco-Friendly Funeral Service?

An eco-friendly funeral is an alternative to a traditional service. It uses less harmful materials during the preparation of the body and whilst the service is taking place. But, not only does an eco-friendly funeral have less impact on the environment, but it also offers a beautiful setting to have a memorial service. 

What is a Green Burial?

A green burial is an eco-friendly burial which has very little impact on the environment. A body can be buried in a coffin that is made from natural materials which makes it biodegradable. With a green funeral, embalming cannot be used because the chemicals involved in the process are harmful to the environment. 

During a green burial, a body is committed to the ground during a small service. In some burial grounds, a biodegradable memorial may be placed in the location of a body. However, there are some places that won’t allow this in order to leave no trace on the land whatsoever. 

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Funeral Service?

The general public are becoming much more aware of the impact that their lives have on the environment. Some people choose to have an eco-funeral service because they care about the environment and wish to continue to do so once they pass away.

During the committal, a body returned back to earth in the most natural way possible. This normally takes place in green spaces such as woodlands. An eco-friendly funeral means that you can also be more flexible when choosing how you want the service to be. For example, you might want an eco-friendly funeral in order to have a personalised service that focuses on your loved one’s life in a beautiful location.

Is Cremating a Body Eco-Friendly?

With an eco-friendly cremation, no embalming is involved during the process. This makes it less impactful than a traditional cremation, but it still does have a significant carbon footprint because of the energy that is used. 

Is an Eco-Friendly Funeral Cheaper Than a Traditional One?

Eco-friendly funerals are generally cheaper than traditional ones because of their simplicity. But, a burial plot will still need to be purchased, and these can vary in price and depends on the location. There’s also the cost of buying an eco-friendly coffin or casket and these can vary in price too depending on what materials are used.

Things to Consider and Keep in Mind

There are about 200 green burial sites in the UK. Eco-friendly funeral services at these locations can take whatever form you want and can be conducted by a celebrant or religious minister.

When a loved one passes away, it’s important to check their paperwork to see if they have already purchased a piece of land where they want their body to be laid to rest. And, although there’s no law to say that you cannot bury your loved one in your garden or on private land, you’ll need to get in contact with your local council to see if it’s lawful to do so. If it is, then they’ll issue you with a certificate to confirm it.

It’s also very important to think about whether the land where a loved one will be buried will remain in your family’s perpetuity. What we mean by this is to check that the plot is not close to any water mains or electrical cables that may need to be dug up in the future. 

Considering an Eco-Friendly Funeral?

As you can see from what we have discussed during this article, eco-friendly funerals are a great option for those looking to leave no footprints when they pass away. However, if you are thinking about it as a possible option for either yourself or a loved one, then we recommend getting in touch with a funeral director who will be able to guide you before you commit to making the decision.


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