Summer Infused Personalized Funeral Ideas

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Summertime, it can be a nice, refreshing time. People relish in the outdoors and enjoy everything this peaceful and relaxing season brings us. So, why would you not invite these summertime vibes into the funeral home? Your clients could benefit from the natural relaxing energies of summer. This season may even help your clients heal and move forward in the grieving process. It is definitely something to look into. Here are just a few summer infused personalized funeral ideas for you to consider:

  • Set up a memorial stone craft table. You may approach any mortuary equipment supplier or funeral equipment supplier for this table. You could put up a table in the entryway of the funeral to allow guests to create a memorial stone. All you will need is some small stones, permanent markers and a sign with instructions. The guests can write their names and a brief message on the stone to honor your loved one. Then you can choose what to do with the stones afterward. Some people like to place them in their gardens, homes or a favorite place of the deceased. It is up to you to decide the best place.
  • Serve your loved one’s favorite foods and drinks. Many funerals have coffee and water, but you could opt to feature some of your loved one’s preferred foods and drinks. You could easily set up a table to offer these snacks before or after the funeral and surprise the family and friends of the deceased with this little personal touch.
  • Make funeral flower beads. Instead of letting all those beautiful funeral flowers go to waste, some people love to create personal keepsakes. One of the things you can do is create funeral beads with them, which in turn can be made into necklaces, bracelets and earrings. These little keepsakes can give some of us a piece of our loved one back. It is something of theirs that we can hold on to forever. It could be a great gift and the perfect keepsake for family and friends once the funeral is over.
  • Create personalized wind chimes. Your family and friends can all contribute to this craft. You can add some of your loved one’s jewelry, memorabilia and pictures to create a perfect remembrance for your loved one. You can have all their personal things on this wind chime and whenever you see it or hear it, you can think of your loved one.
  • Celebrate with bubbles. Many people like to set off balloons to reach their loved one in heaven, but this is not good for the environment. Instead your friends and family could get together and blow bubbles to remember your loved one or to reach them in heaven. It could be a fun memory for all those involved in the service. This is especially fitting if you will have children at the funeral looking for a way to get involved orin your loved one was young at heart.
  • Have a picnic. Invite your friends and family to have a picnic in your loved one’s honor. You could hold it at one of their favorite places, serve their favorite foods and spend the time reminiscing and sharing memories of your loved one. It is a great way to get everyone outside and enjoying the weather to help relieve some of the emotion and negative energies involved with a funeral.
  • Light a sparkler. Many people like to hold candle light vigils during funerals, but why not let the summertime spirit take you away? This would be an easy and simple way to add a little more fun and create an illuminating atmosphere for you and your loved ones. So, maybe you should try to let go of some of those depressing thoughts and celebrate the life of your loved one by adding a little light to their funeral in a fun and new way.

Summer is typically a fun and joyous time. It can be difficult trying to enjoy this season when you experience the death of a loved one. However, you may want to celebrate their life instead of mourning them. In summer, it may be easier to find fun and personal things your loved one enjoyed and incorporate them into their funeral in order to give you a once in a lifetime funeral ceremony. Remember they may just be looking down on you and enjoying the time everyone is spending together.


| End-of-Life Resouces

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