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Most funeral professionals will be straight forward in telling you that it is in your best interest to go ahead and preplan your funeral and start making payments on the inevitable long before it happens. As most of us can guess, the cost of a funeral is definitely not cheap. There are numerous factors that go into a funeral and only help to increase the cost. Once everything is all added up, the average cost of a funeral is typically around seven to ten thousand dollars. I know that the number may come as a surprise to some of us, but when you take a look at everything that goes into making a funeral happen, you can at least understand it a little better. Here are the costs of some of the more common things included in a funeral.

  • Funeral Home Services. After you die, your body has to be sent to a funeral home to store and prepare it for burial. Some people choose to go through the embalming process. The cost of embalming and storing the body is normally around $500 to $1000. Other people opt for the less expensive option of cremation. This will cost you around $600. Once the body is prepared for the funeral, you will rely on the funeral director to take control of every little detail associated with the funeral. Their job is extremely important, and they will be there to make sure everything happens as it should and everything is taken care of. Normally the cost for their services is approximately $1500. Also, be aware that if you decide to hold the funeral or the viewing at the funeral home, there will be other fees and charges added to your bill.
  • Graveside and Burial Services. Once you have the funeral service, you will have to consider the burial service and the expenses that go with it. You will need to purchase a burial plot, which will cost approximately $1000, but the cost can be much more depending on your location and type of cemetery, public versus private. Then you will need to purchase a casket, which can vary from $2000 to $10,000+ in price depending on the options you choose. There will be a fee to dig the grave, and you will also need to buy a headstone. Unfortunately, a lot of these prices will vary depending on your location and what you extras and other features you may choose; however, for a standard funeral the burial services could cost at least a couple thousand dollars.
  • Miscellaneous Costs. The expenses above cover the bare necessities associated with a standard funeral service, but you should be aware that there are other miscellaneous costs that can also affect the price of your funeral. There are extras you may want for your funeral. Would you like to have flowers decorating your funeral service or featured at the burial site? Will you be printing out funeral programs for all of your attendees? Will there be detailed or personalized memorials or pictures decorating your funeral service? Would you like to have your obituary featured in your local newspaper? These are some nice added bonuses that many of us may want at our funerals, but you need to remember that they will add to your growing price tag.

It is easy to see how the cost of a funeral can quickly grow. When you take into account that the average cost of a base funeral is still in the thousands of dollars, you should easily note how beneficial it is to preplan your funeral. By preplanning your funeral, you will take a lot of weight off of your family’s shoulders. Many funeral homes will allow you to make payments, and you can pick the options and added services that mean the most to you. You will only pay extra for what you truly want. By planning and paying ahead, you will take some of the stress away from your family during an extremely stressful time. This will give them the opportunity to not worry about your funeral arrangements and focus on the grieving process and their needs during this emotional time. It is basically a win-win decision for everyone involved.

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