Unique Things to do With the Cremains of a Loved One

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Cremating is one of the more common ways to say goodbye to a deceased loved one. If you are wondering “what to do with cremains”: nowadays, there are plenty of options available. The first thing to know is that cremated ashes are commonly known as cremains. Scattering ashes and storing these ashes in cremation urns are still one of the most popular options. If you wonder what to do with cremains, read this article: 14 things to do with cremains. Below are 15 additional ideas.

  1. Get an eternal reef

Cremains can be used for creating a reef which will be placed in water. There it will be used by fish and other sea creatures as part of their natural habitat. And yes, these reefs are friendly to the environment.

  1. Cremains-based tattoos

It is possible to get the ashes of a loved one literally under your skin. Tattoo artists have discovered a way to mix ink with cremains and use it for tattooing. These are called “memorial tattoos”.

  1. Make jewelry

It is also possible to have jewelry or a diamond made of the hair and the cremains of a loved one. They can be fitted into any form of jewelry known to man and this is actually one of the more popular things to do with cremains.

  1. 3D printed urns

These urns will look like the deceased and they can be made in different sizes. The price ranges between $600 and $2,000 and there are no limitations here.

  1. Biodegradable balloons with cremains

You can purchase a biodegradable balloon (5 feet in diameter) which will be filled with helium and released into the air. It will reach 30,000 feet altitude. These balloons can cost up to $2,500.

  1. The urn that looks like a toolbox

One company is launching urns that look exactly like a toolbox. This is a great idea if the deceased was a craftsman. . They are available in different dimensions and with different designs.

  1. Water urns

These urns are biodegradable and friendly to the water. The idea is to place the cremains in the urn and leave it in the ocean or a sea. If your loved one spent a lot of time on the open sea, this is the way to honor his life. These urns usually cost around $600.

  1. Placing cremains into fireworks

This may be one of the most appealing and strangest things to do with the cremains of a loved one. Apparently, you can place the cremains into fireworks and they will be scattered during a celebration or launched on a specific date. This is known as: “celebration of life”.

  1. Become part of nature once again

For those who will want to return to nature, there is a way of using biodegradable urns which will “return” cremains to nature.

  1. Go to space

Nowadays some people choose to send the cremains of a loved one deep into space. A company from the United States offers this type of service and they cooperate with space shuttle companies. The idea is to send the cremains on a mission into space..

  1. Hourglass urns

This type of urn is more common and  more  desirable today. They are treated as family heirlooms and can be passed on from a generation to generation. The only issue is the fact they cannot be timed perfectly due to the condition of the cremains.

  1. Stuffed memorial teddy bear

As the name suggests, the urns will be placed inside a stuffed animal which can come in any size you want. The urns are known as “forever friends” and look like a fluffy and friendly animal. This is a common choice for people who want to keep their loved ones close in the shape of a teddy bear.

  1. Pizza-urn

Believe or not, there are urns that are designed to look like pizza boxes. Furthermore, they can be personalized in any way you’d like. These urns are affordable and typically cost around $250.

  1. Cremains-loaded ammunition

Two police officers from Alabama offer a unique service which involves placing cremains into ammunition. The ammunition comes in either a wooden box or in a personalized package and can be used at any given moment.

  1. Vinyl records made of cremains

Cremains can be used for creating vinyl records. A person can choose any type of music and picture he or she wants. They are expensive though and can cost up to  $3,000.


Everyone wants to make sure their deceased loved one is remembered with dignity, respect and love. The major trend in 2018 and beyond is “personalization”, you can now solidify the memory of your deceased loved one in virtually every way imaginable. Whether you’ll get a memorial tattoo, buy memorial jewelry and cremation diamonds or send cremains into space, what counts is that your deceased loved one will be remembered in a way that is both beautiful and personal, just as their life was.


| End-of-Life Resouces

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