Death Changes Every Thing, by John Pete

| Grief Author and Counselor

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Laughter becomes a sad echo of days gone by and happy memories fade to painful reminders of what can never be again.

The glistening morning dew goes unnoticed.

Blue jays and butterflies flutter by, their beauty muted by these darker things.

Sunshine burns hot against the face but no longer warms the heart.

Sleep offers uncertain shadows instead of pathways to hopeful tomorrows while drowsy morning slumber breathes back to life sad realities.

And the only certainty is that fleeting seasons will lead once more to death.

Death changes everything.

Copyright 2012 ©  John Pete

Death changes everything, but there is always hope. I believe God walks in all things, and  that death has a purpose and reason; not necessarily how death occurs, but death and separation from this human life itself.  This life is temporary for all of us and only by leaving it one day in God’s time can we move beyond the pain and challenges that are a part of it. Many strive to live our lives to the fullest and experience the spiritual growth offered to us while we are here, with God as a beacon in the darkness that will guide us Home. 


| Grief Author and Counselor

John Pete is a Certified Grief Counselor, Spiritual Author, and Artist. He writes that loss and grief is the most profound experience of our lifetimes, and that there is a path back to our loved ones ahead, in God's time. He believes tha...