Embracing a Paradox

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Embracing a ParadoxIt seems to me that death is a paradox, for while it appears that life has ended, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, the body dies, but our spirit does not. In fact, our spirit cannot die, because the spirit is eternal. Since life cannot end, neither do our relationships. In fact, the scope of those relationships can be much greater now that they reach beyond the seen to the unseen.

There were so many “firsts” after my husband died, but the one thing that was constant was the sense of his loving presence. It just felt as though he was still here. That came as a complete surprise to me. I really thought he was gone, but he wasn’t gone. Not entirely. We were still connected through our love, and that was when I began to understand that relationships change, but they do not end. They cannot end, because love never ends. Love cannot die. Love is eternal, and that eternal love is the very essence of our being.

That is why separation is just an illusion. We are all eternally connected. We are all part of the cosmic whole, and we are always being supported and sustained by a love that never ends.

Walking through grief is never easy, but recognizing that we are still connected with those who have moved on takes us to another level, a level where acceptance becomes possible. Through acceptance, our healing begins. So if you have a heavy heart, please know that you are never truly alone. More than that, you are being guided and sustained and loved in all that you do ~ every minute of every day.


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| Grief Author

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