I Believe, by John Pete

| Grief Author and Counselor

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I believe I will see my loved ones again and it is that, among other things, which allows me to heal and gives me the courage to journey forward.

I believe there is a profound reason for life and death beyond our current understanding.

I believe that moving forward creates opportunities for spiritual growth, and is not just about going through the motions of another day.

I believe that life’s events are a classroom full of opportunities for learning, and not some  meaningless cosmic joke.

I believe that love is profoundly connected to the meaning of life and not just an empty phenomenon that rewards us with great joy, only to take it away with much pain .

Without believing, each passing day can only serve to take me ever-further away from my loved ones; instead of leading me on an incredible journey back to them.

Yes, I believe.

Copyright 2012 ©  John Pete


| Grief Author and Counselor

John Pete is a Certified Grief Counselor, Spiritual Author, and Artist. He writes that loss and grief is the most profound experience of our lifetimes, and that there is a path back to our loved ones ahead, in God's time. He believes tha...