Keep Trusting in the Process

| Grief Author

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Keep Trusting in the ProcessRecovering from a loss is a tough road and the only way to get through it is a step at a time. Even when it seems like we aren’t making progress, actually we are. If you look back to the time of your loss, you’ll see how you have made progress. We just don’t see it from day to day. Months from now when you look back to this time, you’ll see how much farther you’ve come.

It takes a lot of deep breaths to get from here to there, but with each and every breath, you are just that much farther along. So keep trusting in the process. You are gaining wisdom that cannot come any other way, and someday you’ll reach out to someone else and be able to say from your deepest heart, “I understand. I’ve been there, too.”


| Grief Author

Donna Miesbach is an award-winning author, having received the 2013 Silver Nautilus Award for her book, From Grief to Joy, A Journey Back to Life & Living, in which she tells the moving story of her recovery from the loss of her husband and b...