Keeping Your Loved One Close to Heart

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When you lose a loved one, you have the option to plan for a burial. When you opt for a burial, you will look for a cemetery or mausoleum that is close to your home. This is so it will be easy to visit them and give you comfort knowing they were laid to rest in the community they lived their life in. But what if you and your family members live far away from each other? What compromise would you reach so that each of you would be able to easily visit your loved one. Well, there is also the option of cremation. You can opt to put the ashes of your deceased loved one in an urn, but that would mean that you would have to choose where the urn would be kept, and whether or not you would keep it in a home or bury it, or even keep it in a mausoleum. You also have the option to scatter the ashes somewhere significant and sentimental. You could also opt to choose to have jewellery made from your loved one’s ashes so that you would not only keep your deceased loved one close to heart, but you would also be able to share their ashes with your entire family. 


Within the Family

With jewellery pieces made out of the ashes of your loved one, you could have it made into something that you would be able to pass on and give to your children, which they could also pass on to theirs when they grow older. If you want the legacy of your grandparents to live on, even up to the lives of your children’s children, you could choose to have their ashes made into keepsake jewellery. It will be the same piece that you could pass on to your children so that each of you would always be able to stay connected with your families’ past, present, and even future. S. Stibbards & Sons have a wide variety of keepsake jewellery that you could choose from for each person in your family, especially if you have a lot of siblings or if you have a big family. All of their designs are simple and beautiful, which could be worn every day, no matter the occasion.


Protected and Loved

There is a belief that glass can symbolise invisible protection. You could have the ashes of your deceased loved ones made into jewellery which highlights glasswork such as rings, cufflinks and pendants which makes use of a glass encasement where the ashes will be stored in. Not only that, but you could also opt to have the ashes made into a memorial paperweight made out of glass. It boasts coloured glass which is twisted together and frosted with your deceased loved one’s ashes. This beautiful embrace of frosted glass would then be encased within a fine crystal glass. You could distribute such paperweights which come in different colours like blue, purple, ruby, black, or green, to your loved ones so that each of you have something to remember your loved one by no matter how much distance there is between each other. It could also symbolise that each of you has a part of your loved one and that he serves as your invisible protection throughout your life.


Unlike Any Other

When your loved one passes away, you could have jewellery made out of their fingerprints if you want additional keepsake pieces which are unique. You could choose from different pendants, rings, and keyrings to incorporate a cast of your loved ones’ fingerprints on. This way, you would be able to have something unique to remember your loved one by and that you are guaranteed and assured that it represents their identity as it is uniquely them in essence. From ashes to fingerprints, you would be able to create a personalised and beautiful tribute that you can keep close to your heart for the rest of your life. The one thing to remember choosing to have jewellery made out of their fingerprints is to make sure all the family members that will be receiving the jewellery are happy with such a design. 


| End-of-Life Resources

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