No Matter How It Comes…

| Grief Author

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No Matter How It Comes...The sense of separation when a loved one dies can be very painful. What we may not yet have realized is that just because you can’t see your loved ones doesn’t mean they aren’t with you. You are always connected in your heart. Love does not die. In love, there is no separation. One love, one heart. Just thinking of someone consciously connects you to them.

Yes, the parting is hard, but it isn’t forever, and even though the “separation” seems so real right now, at some deep level we are all very much connected.

Sometimes you may even feel as though you’re “stuck” in your grief. When that happens, be gentle with yourself. Just let the grief be what it needs to be. There is no wrong way to grieve. It’s different for everyone. But while you’re grieving, please do remember to nurture yourself any way you can. Every part of your system is asking for that, is asking for comfort, and now is the best time to answer that call.
So be patient with yourself. It does get better, and it will.

Sometimes circumstances are such that you don’t get to say “Goodbye.” That is difficult, too, especially when someone has “chosen” to go. Perhaps it was too hard for them to say that final goodbye because of their great love for you. Whatever the reason, or whatever the circumstances, we can find great comfort in the knowledge that God is working His purposes out. Trust in that Wisdom and know that all is as it should be, whether it seems like it or not.

Death will be different for all of us, but no matter how it comes, always and in all ways the Divine Plan is for us to continue to grow and evolve and wake up to the magnificent Being that lives eternally in our heart.


| Grief Author

Donna Miesbach is an award-winning author, having received the 2013 Silver Nautilus Award for her book, From Grief to Joy, A Journey Back to Life & Living, in which she tells the moving story of her recovery from the loss of her husband and b...