Nothing is Wasted

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This Father’s Day post is dedicated to our friend, Davey Blackburn. Davey is the Pastor of Resonate Church in Indianapolis, IN. The Blackburns story of love, unthinkable loss, faith and hope continues to inspire people around the world.

Davey, Amanda, baby Weston and Weston’s baby sister on the way- were living the dream. That was until November 10th, 2015 when, without warning their world came crashing down.

Here’s a bit of their story. Davey’s words are in quotes:

“It was a normal Tuesday morning. I woke up around 4:30am. Read my bible for a bit. Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout. When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone. My home had been broken into and Amanda was lying on the floor unconscious with 3 gunshot wounds – one to the head. Our 15 month old was in his crib upstairs. Amanda passed away in the hospital twenty-four hours later. Since that day Weston and I have been walking a road I would have never chosen for us or anyone else.”

Words can not begin to touch the deep pain and sorrow the Blackburn and Byars families have endured. One thing that has sustained them since Amanda’s death is their strong Christian faith and confidence that this is not the end of the story.   

Nothing is Wasted 

“Amanda used to own a business where she restored furniture. She would find a piece of junk someone was throwing away and with a little time and sweat equity she would restore it into something beautiful that people would purchase for a premium. She believed nothing was wasted.

Jesus promises us that with a little time He does the same thing with our tragedies and circumstances. If our story can be used as an instrument to serve and help you in yours then truly, Nothing is Wasted.”


Weston is almost three now. His dad, along with their family and close friends are doing everything they can to carry on his mom’s legacy of kindness, compassion and faith in Weston’s life.

“It takes a village to raise a world-changer. Every night as I put Weston to bed I pray that Jesus grows Weston up to be a warrior for Him, that he would walk through life strong, brave, and courageous.”

“I hold firm to the belief that God is still good, that He takes our tragedy and turns it into triumph, and that the best truly is yet to come.” ~Davey Blackburn

Wishing you God’s grace and peace this Father’s Day and always.

Please check out Davey’s new Nothing is Wasted podcast here. 


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