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Finding Peace After the Death of a Grandchild No Comments

I’m an ordinary person just like you, trying to keep up with life and make the most of every day. Usually, we wake up each morning with plans for what we need or want to do that day. We get ourselves in gear and begin to put the day’s plan in motion without every thinking life might throw us a curve ball. Then one day, we get that pitch. If you’ve ever received news that puts you in a state of shock, you know how it feels to be left wondering how you can possible handle what was just thrown your way…

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Grief Healing and the Power of Afterlife Signs 2 Comments

Since 1998, during my grief support work, I have observed time and again the remarkable healing affects that take place when the bereaved receive a personal afterlife sign from their departed loved ones. Many who were deeply grieving and in a very dark place would later confide in me that the only reason they did not follow through on their thoughts of suicide was because they had received an afterlife sign. Some of these “signs” may be in the form of: happy and vivid dreams where you get to see…

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10 Ways To Save Your Marriage After a Child Dies No Comments

When a child dies, most parents assume their marriage will be in jeopardy because they have read that 90% of marriages fail after the death of a child. A recent survey has proven this supposed fact to be a myth. From the survey it was found that only 16 % divorce and only 4 % said it was because of the death and the fact that there were problems in the marriage before the child died. The untimely death of a child can be an opportunity for growth to bring the two people closer together…

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