Tuning in to Your Body When You’re Grieving

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Tuning in to Your Body When You're GrievingWe all have an inner guide, and oftentimes it speaks to us through the signals the body sends us – signals of comfort or discomfort. Author Tom Robbins calls those signals “yuk” and “yum.” So how does that work?

For example, say you’re driving down the street and you aren’t sure which way to go. Listen to your body! Or if you’re in the grocery store and you can’t decide between this product or that one. Listen to your body! As we practice following that signal on the little things, we develop a trust – and a confidence – in their accuracy. Then, when something bigger comes along, your confidence will be in place and you’ll be able to tap into that inner wisdom more easily.

Usually we tend to override the body’s signals – by taking that extra piece of pie, or staying up for the late movie when we know we need the rest – that sort of thing. But if we ignore what the body is telling us, we can’t expect it to be in very good condition, can we? The body is a very finely tuned instrument. We need to take care of the body so it can take care of us. As my husband used to say, “You have to take care of the old equipment so the old equipment can take care of you.” So true!

Listening to your body is especially important when you’re feeling stressed or when you are grieving. Your body knows the way back, and it will show you. I promise!

You see, the body knows exactly what it needs – and what you need – to be healthy and whole, and it tries to tell us all the time.

When you do listen, there may be times when you’ll decide not to do something you wanted to do. That has happened with me many times, but my body has always thanked me for honoring its signals. Yours will, too.

Of course, whether or not that happens is up to you. Always, the choice is yours.


| Grief Author

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